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Welcome to the GBS Malta blog page! As a top-notch higher education provider in the fields of business, marketing, and management in Malta, we take pride in supporting our students to achieve their career goals. Our blog page is an excellent source of information for students who want to explore career opportunities, higher education in Malta, and international student life. We also share the latest trends and developments in the business industry. We hope that you enjoy reading our blog!

Essential tips for students coming to Malta

Thriving as a student in Malta! Uncover top tips for students and make the most of your time and experience with a pleasant stay. Enrol now with GBS Malta!

Documents required to take admission in Malta

Learn more about the essentials to study in Malta. Read the blog to explore Malta's admission requirements & why GBS Malta is a top choice for students.

Finding right neighbourhood for international student accommodation in Malta

Discover all about international student accommodation in Malta. Read the blog to explore areas to avoid for a stress-free experience as a student at GBS Malta.

Top skills to learn during MBA in Marketing Management

Discover top skills learned during MBA in Marketing Management in Malta. Read blog to enhance career with strategic thinking, digital marketing & more.

Why explore volunteering opportunities for students in Malta?

Uncover all about volunteering opportunities for students in Malta. Learn how to enhance your academic stay in Malta and grow with a difference. Enrol with GBS Malta!

Why choose Malta for better career opportunities for students?

Explore why Malta offers excellent career opportunities for students. Read the blog for more compelling reasons and get convinced to study at GBS Malta.

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We offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses that deliver the business skills and knowledge that employers are looking for.