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How Does an MFHEA-approved Degree Help in Your Career in Malta

Obtaining an MFHEA-approved degree in Malta can be advantageous for career growth. These degrees hold credibility among employers as it showcases the student's proficiency and expertise necessary to thrive in the competitive job market. Learn how you can earn an MFHEA-approved degree in Malta to achieve your career goals.

The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) is responsible for ensuring the quality of education in Malta. It is responsible for licensing and accrediting all higher educational institutions, ensuring they maintain high educational standards that meet local and international requirements. As a result, the courses with MFHEA accreditation cultivate a culture of academic excellence and ensure that students receive the finest education possible.

To maintain high education standards, the MFHEA accredits qualifications designed to meet specific, career-oriented learning outcomes. These degrees are designed to provide students with the essential skills and knowledge required to thrive in their chosen careers. Graduates of MFHEA-accredited courses are qualified to secure better job prospects, experience greater job satisfaction, and have higher earning potential.

"Quality education for confident futures."

- Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA)

Advantages of an MFHEA-approved Degree

Degree in Malta

In today's fast-paced world, it is important to pursue an accredited course. It demonstrates to employers that students have a dedication to investing in high-quality education. Pursuing a course with MFHEA accreditation gives students a competitive edge in the job market. They will be prepared to tackle various business challenges and develop innovative solutions for future success. Some of the benefits of obtaining an MFHEA-approved qualification include the following:

1. Enhanced Employability

A Malta Further and Higher Education Authority-approved qualification demonstrates to employers students' commitment to investing in high-quality education. It sets them apart from other candidates and showcases their readiness to enter the workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve their career goals.

2. Recognition and Accreditation

MFHEA accreditation ensures that qualifications undergo a thorough evaluation, aligning with the Malta and European Qualifications Frameworks. This recognition guarantees that degrees meet quality standards and are recognised by employers worldwide, enhancing their career prospects both locally and internationally.

3. Quality Education

Degrees with MFHEA accreditation represent that the programme has met rigorous standards set by the MFHEA. This assurance ensures that each and every student receives a top-class education and acquires the latest skills that are valued across various industries. An accredited qualification can significantly contribute to students’ career objectives and help them gain relevant expertise.

4. Access to Career Opportunities

Earning an accredited degree from the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority opens doors to multiple opportunities for career advancement, including internships, job placements, and networking. Graduates with an MFHEA-approved degree possess up-to-date skillsets and knowledge about the latest market trends and challenges. Moreover, higher education institutions offering MFHEA-accredited courses often provide career placement cells to assist students in exploring various opportunities in their chosen fields.

MFHEA-Approved Degree in Malta

How to Pursue an MFHEA-approved Degree in Malta

The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) is responsible for ensuring that educational programmes in Malta meet official standards. When students earn a degree that is approved by MFHEA, it means that they have completed a rigorous course of study that potential employers recognise. Therefore, pursuing a degree with Malta Further and Higher Education Authority accreditation in Malta is a great way to improve your career prospects. Follow these steps to obtain an MFHEA-approved degree:

1. Research Accredited Educational Institutions in Malta

Numerous higher educational institutions in Malta offer MFHEA-approved qualifications. Conduct thorough research to identify institutions that align with your academic and career goals.

2. Consider GBS Malta

GBS Malta is a prestigious Malta Further and Higher Education Authority-licensed institution. They offer a wide array of qualifications, ranging from diplomas to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Their courses are tailored to meet the career needs of students. In addition, pursuing an MFHEA-accredited qualification with GBS Malta can offer various benefits for students.

Why choose GBS Malta

    1. Flexible Study Options: GBS Malta provides flexible study options, including weekdays, evenings, or weekends, allowing students to balance their studies with their busy lives.
    2. Industry-Experienced Lecturers: GBS Malta's lecturers are experienced professionals who provide real-world insights and advice, enhancing students' learning experience.
    3. Personalised Attention: GBS Malta emphasises personalised learning, ensuring that students receive dedicated support from their lecturers to succeed in their studies and achieve their goals.
    4. Get Qualified Scheme: With GBS Malta, students can also benefit from the Get Qualified Scheme. This government-backed initiative allows students to receive tax credits on their tuition fees.
    5. Free Career Development: GBS Malta provides free career development services, including CV writing assistance, interview skills training, and job search strategies.
    6. Alumni Network: GBS Malta boasts an extensive and successful alumni network , offering valuable insights, advice, and networking opportunities to current students.

3. Explore Course Options

Review the course offerings at GBS Malta to find a programme that aligns with your interests and career aspirations. Consider the curriculum, course structure and potential for practical experience or internships. Click here to explore.

4. Admission Requirements

Understand the admission requirements for the programme of your choice. This may include academic qualifications, language proficiency tests, and application deadlines. Ensure that you meet all the prerequisites before applying.

5. Submit your Application

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, submit your application to the chosen institution. Pay attention to deadlines and follow the application instructions carefully. GBS Malta is an excellent option for students seeking high-quality education that is recognised globally. Their top-class courses are designed to enhance students with the skills they need to excel in today's competitive job market.

The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority's mission is to promote excellence in further and higher education in Malta through research, effective licensing, accreditation, quality assurance, and recognition of qualifications established under the Malta Qualifications Framework. They aim to ensure that students who enrol in MFHEA-accredited courses in Malta receive a class-leading educational experience. They work with institutions like GBS Malta to create a community of skilled individuals ready to pursue their dreams and succeed in their chosen career paths.

Frequently Asked Questions about MFHEA-approved Degrees

The MFHEA is a government agency responsible for ensuring the quality of education in Malta. It is responsible for licensing and accrediting all higher educational institutions, ensuring they maintain high academic standards that meet local and international requirements.

An MFHEA-approved degree enhances your career prospects by providing high-quality education that meets local and international standards. It equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge for success, leading to better job opportunities and higher earning potential.

To pursue an MFHEA-approved degree in Malta, research accredited institutions that align with your academic and career goals. Consider GBS Malta, a licensed institution that offers a wide range of outstanding qualifications and personalised support tailored to meet your career ambitions. All institutions in Malta are approved by the MFHEA. It is illegal to open an HE institution unless authorised by such authority.

Choosing GBS Malta for an MFHEA-approved qualification offers several advantages, including flexible study options, industry-experienced lecturers, personalised attention, access to the Get Qualified Scheme for tax credits, free career development services, and a valuable alumni network. Click here to explore their wide range of MFHEA-accredited courses.

Admission requirements for an MFHEA-approved degree programme at GBS Malta may differ based on the specific course. However, they usually involve meeting academic qualifications, passing language proficiency tests, and adhering to application deadlines. It is crucial to carefully review and fulfil all prerequisites before applying for a degree programme.

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