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Why explore volunteering opportunities for students in Malta?

Malta, an exotic Mediterranean island which consists of a main island and three smaller islands is a unique place for studying, experiencing history and culture and gaining education. Because of its sunny climate, rich history and highly recognised educational institutions, Malta has become a very attractive destination for international students. 

Besides its qualitative education and lively academic life, Malta is also well-known among the student community for its volunteering options. Students who come to Malta for higher education also have the chance to get familiar with the local community.

Both options help you gain experience and on the other hand, alternative options help them to develop important skills and networks which turn them into trained humans. This blog explores more about volunteering opportunities for students in Malta and how it adds value to your personality and learning.

Why study in Malta?

Malta has long been a leading choice for international students to study abroad during the last few decades.

  • Offering top-standard education, an English-speaking nation and a low cost of living, Malta is truly a student's paradise. 
  • The educational institutes on this island offer you quality and variety in different courses of various disciplines, including business, management and information technology.
  • The icing on the cake is the welcoming multicultural atmosphere in Malta.  

If you are a student coming to Malta, know that you have the liberty to live and grow among immense opportunities. You'll be meeting peers from around the world, learning and growing in a global environment while gaining an educational distinction as an asset to the European market. 

There is more to studying in Malta than just academic benefits. Life in this Mediterranean country with a rich history and culture supports the students. Being a student in Malta is like peeping out of a window to get a better view of the world. While you gain a broader perspective of life, Malta offers volunteering opportunities for students like learning and exploring more about local culture, planning trips to the ancient places and experience the traditional festivals from the Maltese people's point of view. 

Apart from adding value to your educational experience, Malta is an opportunity to enjoy a king-size life with lessons to recall forever. 

Find Volunteering Opportunities

Understanding volunteering opportunities for students in Malta

Students volunteering in Malta can get involved with local communities and make a difference by participating in practical projects which benefit local people and organisations. You can choose from working on environmental projects, social or educational support and participating in cultural events. With volunteering opportunities for students in Malta you can make a huge difference, acquire new skills and enrich their personal and professional development. 

Why is it important to have the volunteering experience?

You need to have the volunteering experience for the following reasons: 

  • Integration: A student volunteering in Malta gets fully involved with the community, learns the Maltese ways of living and builds relationships with the locals. This experience enriches your stay in Malta by helping them acknowledge and admire the cultural heritage and diversity of the island. 
  • Acquiring New Skills: The volunteerism experience enables you to acquire practical skills that any employer appreciates. It could be teamwork, leadership, communication or problem-solving skills that enhance your competences which accompany your academic degree. 
  • Personal Development: The act of volunteering helps develop a sense of responsibility, empathy and kindness in individuals. You get to learn and understand social problems and concerns better and find ways to deal with them proactively. This way, you develop as individual and gain the knowledge of being active members of society, which enriches their overall personality. 
  • Networking: While volunteering, you get exposed to various professionals and like-minded people from different cultures and nationalities. Such encounters can turn into useful networking, internships and even job opportunities in the future.  
  • Contribution to the Community: You can offer support to the local community in different ways. From environmental projects to supporting the most vulnerable sections of society or promoting cultural events, volunteering opportunities for students help you contribute to the formation of a better society. 

Overall, volunteering opportunities for students in Malta are a chance to develop their personality, build skills and utilise their stay in Malta. 

Exploring various volunteering opportunities for students in Malta

Since volunteering in Malta for international students is all about getting involved in community service and earning practical experience in their chosen fields, there are many ways to explore volunteering opportunities for students in Malta. 

  • Environmental Conservation: Nature Trust Malta and BirdLife Malta are some of the organisations that offer volunteering opportunities for students and others from across the globe. Volunteers get involved in diverse activities, including tree planting, wildlife observation and cleaning the beaches. Such activities ensure the natural landscape and biodiversity of Malta is well protected. Environmental conservation volunteering programmes offer you practical lessons on ecology and sustainability. It creates an opportunity for you to appreciate and protect the natural environment. Besides, it offers an opportunity to acquire team-building skills and participate in scientific studies and research as well as practical fieldwork. 

  • Social Work: You can volunteer in non-governmental organisations such as the Malta Red Cross and YMCA Malta, among others. Volunteers get involved in community outreach activities and programmes. Some of the activities include the distribution of food, providing support services to people living in street homelessness, humanitarian aid to refugees and much more. Social work volunteering programmes cultivate compassion and empathy skills as you work closely with vulnerable communities. It offers you an in-depth understanding and insight into social problems and challenges. Besides, it creates an opportunity to think critically about differences and find the best solutions critically. Volunteering in Malta also enriches you with diverse cultural sensitivity and emotional intelligence and equips them with resilience and social justice values. 

  • Teaching and Tutoring: There are many primary and secondary schools as well as educational centres that greatly need volunteers to help in tutoring and language exchange programmes. Some also offer volunteers opportunities to undertake extracurricular activities. Education volunteering programmes boost communication and core teaching skills. You get to appreciate diverse learning techniques and patterns and learn to adjust their knowledge according to students’ cultural backgrounds and understanding. It sharpens information delivery skills and builds confidence, patience and a sense of achievement as you see students excel in their studies. 

Boosting your development with GBS Malta

GBS Malta is a leading higher education provider in Malta. We actively encourage our students to participate in volunteer activities.

At core, we believe in holistic education, combining academic excellence with community engagement. We offer bachelor's, master's and Awards in business and management and Information Technology.

Quality is at our core when it comes to education and we encourage our students for an all-round development. Volunteering while studying at GBS Malta can help you enhance your resume, develop leadership skills and build a sense of social responsibility. The experiences gained from volunteering can be pivotal in personal and professional growth. 

By engaging in volunteer work, you can acquire practical skills that complement your academic studies. Additionally, contributing to the community fosters a sense of purpose and achievement, encouraging students to become proactive and socially responsible individuals. 

Volunteering opportunities for students in Malta offer a unique chance to contribute to the local community while enhancing personal and professional development. Want to enrol into GBS Malta and experience excellence? Contact our team now for more details!

Frequently asked questions about volunteering opportunities for students in Malta

Opportunities range from environmental conservation, social services, education and cultural events.

Volunteering opportunities for students enhance resumes, develop leadership skills and invoke social responsibility. 

Yes, most volunteer programs offer flexible schedules that accommodate students' academic commitments.

Generally, volunteering is free. However, some programs may have minimal costs for training or materials.

Check with your educational institution, local organisations, or online platforms dedicated to volunteer work. 

Yes, Malta is a safe country. Ensure you volunteer with reputable organisations and follow their guidelines. 

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