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Career Options for International Graduates After Studying in Malta

Are you an international graduate in Malta about to finish your course? Are you curious about your options after graduation? You are in the right place! Keep reading.  

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta boasts a rich history, stunning natural landscapes and a top-notch education system. As one of the oldest and most prestigious higher education institutions in the region, GBS Malta is a popular choice for students seeking an international education experience.

If you are an international graduate wrapping up your studies in Malta, there is no need to worry. Malta offers a wide range of opportunities for you to explore, ranging from better career prospects to outstanding further education opportunities. 

In this blog, we will delve into every aspect of post-study life for international graduates in Malta, so stay tuned!

Career opportunities for international graduates in Malta

1. Marketing

In Malta, the marketing sector has lots of career opportunities for individuals who like advertising, branding and online media. Malta is in a good strategic spot between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, so marketers have numerous opportunities to work with different kinds of customers and businesses.  

From digital marketing specialists using the latest technologies to traditional advertising experts creating compelling campaigns, the sector provides possibilities for creativity, innovation and strategic thinking.  

With Malta's growing presence as a hub for technology and innovation, marketing professionals can find rewarding career paths in sectors such as tourism, hospitality, gaming, finance and more. Whether in agencies, corporate marketing departments, or as freelance consultants, individuals with a passion for communication and consumer engagement can thrive in Malta's dynamic marketing landscape. 

Become an expert in marketing with an MA Marketing and Brand Management from GBS Malta.

2. iGaming

Malta was one of the first countries to set clear regulations for online gaming back in 2004. This helped Malta become one of the top spots for online gaming in the world today. Around 10% of all internet gaming companies are based in Malta 

If you want to boost your career in iGaming, Malta is the perfect location. There are lots of job options, big names in the industry, new companies starting up, good pay, low taxes and opportunities for international graduates interested in working in iGaming.

Top 10 iGaming companies in Malta
1. Betsson Group
2. Evolution Gaming Group
3. Kindred Group
4. LeoVegas
5. NetEnt
6. Genesis Global Limited
7. Mr Green & Co AB
8. Gaming Innovation Group
9. 888 Holdings
10. Red Tiger Gaming

3. Fintech

Malta is positioning itself as the prime destination for innovative fintech companies. The island's small size makes it an ideal testing ground for new technologies and ventures, providing a concentrated yet diverse local market for experimentation. Companies can develop and trial new products and services here before expanding into European and global markets. 

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), responsible for regulating all financial services in the country, has a clear fintech strategy. It aims to create favourable conditions for fintech startups, scale-ups, tech firms and traditional financial services companies to innovate and shape the future of finance. The MFSA has established a FinTech Regulatory Sandbox, offering a controlled environment for testing innovative products and services. 

Moreover, the authority is developing a FinTech Innovation Hub to provide guidance on regulatory matters and shared resources, such as operational infrastructure, to firms. As fintech firms expand internationally, the MFSA collaborates with regulatory bodies in other countries, both within and outside the EU, to support growth and encourage cooperation.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain technology has rapidly gained traction across continents, driven by its decentralised nature and perceived security benefits. Its popularity has continued to rise over the years. The legalisation of cryptocurrency in numerous countries has further incentivised investors and businesses to explore blockchain technology.  

According to the Blockchain Technology Market Size report, the global market size for blockchain technology reached $5.92 billion in 2021. The report also predicts a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 85.9% from 2020 to 2030, indicating significant expansion in the market size. Accordingly, the outlook for blockchain technology appears promising, with its growth trajectory showing no signs of slowing down. 

International graduates can explore these career options in Blockchain: 
Blockchain developer 
Blockchain project manager
Blockchain quality engineer
Blockchain legal consultant
Blockchain designer  

5. IT

Malta's IT sector began to expand in the early 1990s, thanks to government investment. Recognising the important role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in fostering innovation, diversification and transparency in the economy, the island made significant improvements. Since then, the Maltese government has not only heavily invested in IT products and services but also developed an eGovernment strategy to boost ICT initiatives. 

Today, Malta stands out in Europe for offering nearly all its government services online. This achievement is largely attributed to outsourcing governmental tasks to local companies, which has encouraged the growth of the ICT industry. Continuous investments in infrastructure and youth training, coupled with an English-speaking and skilled workforce, further enhance Malta's appeal. Its strategic location near Central and Western Europe adds another dimension of value, contributing to the sustained growth of the IT sector in Malta.

6. Business and management

Career opportunities in Malta's business and management sector are abundant, with various financing incentives and a favourable tax regime attracting investors and entrepreneurs alike.  

The Government of Malta provides financial support for business projects through concessional loans, financing up to 75% of project costs.  

The Maltese tax system further enhances the appeal for investors, with favourable rates for companies and tax residents. Companies in Malta can benefit from a stable economy, international business presence, reliable banks and government support programmes.  

With these advantages, Malta offers a favourable environment for individuals pursuing careers in business and management. According to statistics, Malta's credit rating remained stable at A or A+ in 2020, despite the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, showcasing the resilience of its economy. 

Explore study options in Malta

Get a post-study work visa for employment in Malta

A post-study work visa permits international students to remain in a country after finishing their studies for a set duration, typically ranging from six months to two years, depending on local regulations. The main aim of such a visa is to provide an opportunity for international graduates like you to gain practical work experience in your field of study and contribute to the local economy. In Malta, a post-study work visa allows you to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired in real-world work environments.

The procedure for obtaining a post-study work visa for Malta involves the following steps:
Applying for the visa You need to apply for the Malta post-study work visa through the government. The application should be made before the student visa expires.
Submitting required documents Alongside the application form, you must provide various documents, such as proof of course completion, evidence of financial support and health insurance and a clean criminal record certificate. Additional documents may be necessary based on the area of study or employment.
Paying the application fee An application fee is required to be paid upon submitting the application.
Waiting for a decision After submitting the application, you must await a decision on your visa application.
Having explored career prospects for international graduates, let us delve into the various study options available for furthering education.

Study options for international graduates in Malta

Malta is home to several leading higher education institutions providing courses across various fields, with GBS Malta being one of them. This diversity attracts students worldwide. Let us now explore some study options for international graduates available at GBS Malta. 

GBS Malta delivers top-notch British qualifications for academic success, equipping students with the tools for successful career paths. Renowned for its specialised higher education courses and extensive global network via GEDU, it stands as a rapidly expanding institution. 

At GBS Malta, the mission is to enhance students' educational journeys by providing numerous advantages. These include up to 50% scholarships for MBA courses based on academic excellence or notable achievements in extracurricular activities and an extensive network comprising over 40,000 students worldwide, ensuring abundant opportunities for advancement and achievement. 

MBA courses for international graduates by GBS Malta 
Embark on a journey to become a future business leader through this course. This advanced course will enhance your business acumen, expand your knowledge and refine your professional skills, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a reputable postgraduate qualification in business and management. 
Broaden your career horizons in an enriching, dynamic and constantly evolving industry by pursuing this course. This course will enhance your practical, theoretical and professional expertise, equipping you for success in today's demanding and competitive business landscape. 
This specialised MBA course offers a rigorous, intellectually stimulating and career-oriented curriculum in business and administration. Tailored to cultivate advanced levels of transferable skills, analytical thinking and critical understanding and assessment of management theory and practice within an international and global framework. 

Interested in learning more about the course offerings at GBS Malta? Reach out to the student support team for further information. 

Frequently asked questions about business and opportunities in Malta

International graduates in Malta have a wide range of career opportunities available to them. They can explore roles in various sectors such as iGaming, fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, finance, IT, marketing and management. Malta's thriving job market, along with its supportive business environment and diverse economy, provides ample prospects for international graduates to pursue their career goals and contribute to the local workforce. 

International graduates in Malta have a plethora of study options to further their education. They can choose from a range of higher education institutions offering specialised courses across diverse fields such as business, marketing, management and more. Additionally, leading institutions like GBS Malta provide high-quality British qualifications for academic success, enhancing educational experiences and generous scholarships to support international graduates in their academic pursuits. 

International graduates can enrol in GBS Malta for further studies and benefit from its renowned educational courses and global network. 

The work visa requirements for students in Malta typically include proof of enrolment in a recognised educational institution, sufficient financial means to support oneself during the stay, health insurance coverage and compliance with any specific regulations set by the Maltese government regarding employment for students. 

GBS Malta offers these MBA pathways programmes:  

  • MBA in Marketing Management 
  • MBA Management Consulting 
  • MBA Project Management 
  • MBA Entrepreneurship  
  • MBA in Global Investment Banking 
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