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Achieve your study abroad dream with available scholarships in Malta

Are you dreaming of an international degree? Malta offers a vibrant and welcoming environment for higher education, and available scholarships can make your dream affordable. 

The benefits of studying overseas are obvious. Picture yourself in a new country, engaging in enriching experiences, and earning a degree that is respected across continents. This dream comes true for thousands of students each year. Nevertheless, the costs of studying abroad can be expensive.

This is where scholarships in Malta steps in!

The guide created by GBS Malta, a leading higher education institution in Malta, will help you learn how to find and manage your student finance and apply for scholarships in Malta. We will guide you through your academic goals and provide you with the tools and information necessary for a transformative academic journey in Malta.

The global demand for higher education

Globalisation is on the rise, and the demand for higher education is on the rise. Students worldwide are looking for the best degrees that can give them an added advantage in today's highly competitive world. An international degree is a passport to interesting career options, cross-cultural experiences and exposure to various parts of the world. 

Want to study in Malta?

Impact of international degrees & global career growth

Studies reveal that graduates with international degrees have a higher earning potential and are more likely to be employed in top industries.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) concluded that graduates with international experience often earn higher salaries than graduates without these experiences.

The Institute of International Education (IIE) has revealed that graduates of international students are more likely to be employed as well as occupy management and other career levels.

Employers are increasingly determined to hire people who understand the global perspective of the situation, which means that getting an international degree is a definite investment for your career.

The European landscape

Scholarships for higher education are abundant in Europe. There are many ways to get financial support for your studies, from government-funded programmes to private initiatives.

  • The European Commission has a program called Erasmus+, which supports student mobility, study abroad programmes, and international partnerships in education.
  • Many European countries also offer national scholarships to international students, which cover tuition fees and living expenses.

These scholarships usually cover tuition and/or other related fees, which, coupled with the cost of living, make it easy to pursue higher education in Europe.

Study in GBS Malta

GBS Malta is a leading higher education institution situated in Malta. We offer excellent-quality programmes for international students. We provide a wide range of courses, including MBA programmes, that will help you become proficient and talented in the changing global environment. 

Available scholarships in Malta

Financing your education can be challenging, but Malta offers numerous scholarships to assist international students in their ambition to achieve their academic dreams. The following are some of the scholarships provided by Malta for those seeking higher education.

1. Government scholarships: A strong foundation for your studies

Local and international students are given scholarships by the Malta Government through the Ministry of Education and Employment. These scholarships in Malta allows the recipient to cover tuition fees and other expenses so that students will be relieved financially. Some notable scholarship programmes include:

  • Malta Government Scholarship Scheme: This scheme provides opportunities to apply for scholarships in Malta to students pursuing higher education. It covers tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs, making it a comprehensive support system.

  • Commonwealth Scholarship: This scholarship in Malta offers financial support to students from Commonwealth countries who wish to enrol in postgraduate programmes in Malta. The program is geared towards promoting communication and knowledge sharing between Commonwealth countries.

  • Erasmus+ program: This program offers funding for students to study abroad in European Union countries. It encourages intercultural exchange and promotes European cooperation in education.

2. Student loans: A flexible funding option

The Malta Development Bank offers financial assistance to eligible students studying in Malta. Student loans cover tuition and other fees, as well as living expenses associated with higher education. The students repay the loan after their studies, making it a suitable and affordable option.

3. Work & study: Gaining practical experience

GBS Malta appreciates the acquisition of hands-on training within the classroom environment. Students from other countries are permitted to work part-time for 20 hours a week during the academic term and full-time during the holidays. This allows you to gain work experience, which is highly beneficial. It also adds something to your CV and gives you insight into the professional world. Please remember to check the regulations pertaining to work permits before accepting employment.

4. Employer sponsorship: A partner in your learning process 

Some employers understand the importance of further education and offer sponsorship to their employees for master's degree programmes. This entails that the employer pays part or all the student finance and other associated costs; this helps employees enhance their skills and knowledge while advancing their careers. These steps will help the organisations grow and sustain the partnership while continuing employee development.

5. The Get Qualified Scheme (GQS): Incentives for higher education

The GQS program grants incentives to students pursuing a master's degree including some of the BA and level 4 courses. It covers 70% of course fees, up to a maximum of €10,000 per student after the completion of degree, for accredited courses offered by approved institutions. To access this scholarship in Malta, you should be at least 16 years old with a valid ID card and must have resided in Malta for at least two years. The programme aims to help people develop their professional skills and obtain additional education for higher qualifications.

6. Self-funding: Planning and management

Self-funding is one viable option, but it is not immensely popular. Financial planning is imperative to us, and we would be knowledgeable and ready to guide you in managing your studies so that the necessary resources are well utilised and proper decisions are made.

7. Parental support: A valuable resource

Many of our international students rely on financial assistance from their parents, friends, or relatives. These funds can be extremely useful in helping you meet some of your student finance obligations. We encourage you to use this support system and consider the resources that may help you throughout your education.

Scholarship offerings by GBS Malta

At GBS Malta, our vision is to ensure that every qualified candidate can attain a quality education. Therefore, we are offering scholarships in Malta to help students improve their academic performance and career path.

Get up to a 50% scholarship for the MBA programme

Here is how you can benefit:

  • Up to 50% scholarship in 2024 for our MBA courses.

  • Eligibility: The scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence or notable achievements in extracurricular activities. We recognise our students' diverse talents and contributions and want to support their ambitions.

How to apply for scholarships at GBS Malta

  • Submit your application: Start your application process by clicking on "Apply Now" at the GBS Malta website.

  • Expect a call back: Within 48 hours of your application, our dedicated and well-trained student recruitment team will contact you and clarify the recruitment steps.

  • Free consultation: Our student advisors will guide you through our scholarship options and answer any questions you may have.

  • Document submission: Submit the required documents for evaluation. We will provide a complete list of necessary documents during your consultation.

  • Decision notification: We will notify you about the scholarship decision once we have received all necessary documents.

For any further inquiries, please contact to our student support team.

FAQs about scholarships in Malta

While our MBA programme is the current focus of our scholarship programme, we encourage you to speak with one of our student advisors for the most up-to-date information on scholarship opportunities across all programmes.

The required documentation may change depending on the scholarship you are applying for. Our student advisors will give you a detailed list of necessary documents at your meeting.

Depending on the admission, different deadlines can be applied for the scholarship. For the most up-to-date information, we recommend contacting student advisors.

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