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Master of Business Administration in Leadership

If you are looking for a career-enhancing course that will open the door to executive and management level career opportuntities, then our MBA degree in Leadership is for you. The course will challenge you and develop your talent and potential as a creative, innovative and inspiring business leader.

Course overview

Our Master of Business Administration in Leadership is designed for professionals seeking to advance their careers in leadership or entrepreneurs looking to start their new ventures. This postgraduate course provides a well-rounded education guided by subject matter experts — helping students build their business acumen, leadership ability and other key skills in business administration. The course prepares individuals to excel in significant roles within leading organisations and make strategic decisions that drive success. 

Students will be provided with a comprehensive understanding of both business fundamentals and leadership principles, equipping them with the necessary skills to manage teams, drive innovation, and apply new ideas to take businesses to the next level. 

Through theoretical knowledge, practical case studies, and experiential learning, students gain insights into various leadership styles, communication techniques, and organisational dynamics. 

With a Masters of Business Administration (Leadership) from GBS Malta, graduates are well-prepared to take on leadership roles across industries, inspiring and motivating others to achieve organisational success. Moreover, it will help students expand their business knowledge, analytical, problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication abilities. 

Intakes October 2023
Duration One year full time
Mode of Delivery Face-to-face learning
Awarding Institution Bath Spa University (BSU)
Awarded Qualification Master of Business Administration in Leadership
Level Comparable to Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) / European Qualifications Framework (EQF) Level 7
MQRIC Accredited Status Recognised
Locations Malta
Fees €8,000 per year

Get Qualified Scheme

GBS Malta is offering students access to the Malta Get Qualified Scheme, enabling students to benefit from tax credits that help lower overall study costs. This scheme is highly valuable, giving back 70% of tuition fees after graduation.

This course includes the following core modules.

  • Leading, Managing and Developing People (15 credits)
  • Strategic Management (15 credits)
  • Leading Change and Innovation (15 credits)
  • Governance and Risk Management (15 credits)
  • Strategic Marketing Management (15 credits)
  • Corporate Financial Management (15 credits)
  • Project Management (15 credits)
  • Professional Development Portfolio (15 credits)
  • Leadership Project (60 credits)


All our programmes are offered in English language and all module credits are UK.

You’ll be assessed by a variety of methods that may include some or all the following across the various modules on the course:

  • Reports
  • Case studies
  • Business plans
  • Proposals for work-based projects / consultancy project
  • Reflective learning, professional career development and work-based experience portfolio
  • Project evaluations
  • Presentations


You will be required to work in your own time to complete research, homework tasks or group work. Self-study is vital to your success on this course and lecturers will give you guidance on how best to approach this throughout the study period.

Assessment methods at GBS are reviewed annually and may be updated based on student feedback, to suit content or based upon feedback from an External Examiner.  An External Examiner is an independent academic expert from an external Higher Education Institution that acts as a safeguard to academic assessment standards.

Subject-specific Skills and Knowledge

  • An ability to critically assess how the relationship between leading, managing and developing people is inherently connected to team/organisational dynamics; fostering resilience and high performance in teams and individuals; and strategic workforce planning.
  • An extensive understanding of how an organisation’s vision, culture and values intersect with the wider contexts of internal and external environments; diversity and sustainability; new trends and emerging market strategies.
  • An ability to analyse the ways in which individual leaders, teams, and organisations understand and are responsive to innovation and change; creativity in enterprise; and new ways of working in relation to shifting internal and external contexts.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the development of new enterprise and opportunities; corporate social responsibility and ethics; regulatory frameworks and environments; risk management and business continuity; sustainable development and organisational resilience.
  • A critical awareness of how financial assumptions, financial strategy, and financial management underpin and intersect with organisational culture, vision, and strategy; and with business continuity, sustainable development and risk appetite.
  • An extensive understanding of how key global issues and challenges such as ethics, equality and diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility relate to current theories and practices in leadership and management.
  • An ability to conduct and present focused and sector relevant research into leadership and management through research/project conception and design; the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative evidence; synthesis, reporting, evaluation and professional reflection.


Cognitive and Intellectual Skills

  • To present coherent, concise, engaging and stakeholder appropriate reports, case studies, evaluations, etc., based on evidence from relevant real-world examples and best practice, and on scholarly and sector reading and research.
  • To undertake self-directed research across a range of academic disciplines and professional practical areas and use a variety of sources and appropriate methodologies to investigate broad areas and more specific topics.
  • To operate effectively in the planning, executing and evaluation of a range of tasks and projects in a logical, knowledgeable and professional manner.
  • To plan, complete and evaluate a range of relevant real-world examples, relating these to appropriate research, critical thinking, theoretical and practical contexts and current professional practice.
  • To deal creatively and systematically with complex issues.
  • To analyse and solve problems, and make evidence-based, well-founded decisions in unpredictable or challenging situations.
  • To demonstrate the importance of developing collaborative relationships within teams and organisations, and externally; of establishing, maintaining and expanding professional networks; and of ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


Skills for Life and Work

  • Autonomous learning (including time management) that demonstrates the exercise of initiative, personal responsibility and decision-making in complex and unpredictable situations and the independent learning ability required for continuing professional development.
  • Team working skills necessary to succeed in the global workplace, with an ability both to work in and lead teams effectively, as well as the ability to act autonomously in planning and implementing tasks at a professional or equivalent level.
  • Communication skills that show the ability to communicate clearly to specialist and non-specialist audiences’ knowledge at, or informed by, the forefront of the academic discipline, field of study or area of professional practice, and the conclusions drawn from dealing with complex issues systematically.
  • IT skills and digital literacy that demonstrate the ability to develop new skills to a high level and to approach complex issues systematically and creatively.

You’ll usually have a strong undergraduate degree in any academic subject.

Please find the right country from our list of accepted international qualifications for each course level — allowing you to clearly check your qualifications against our requirements.

English Language requirements

An accepted English language test must be taken within 2 years of your start date.

Below are the scores required for our programmes for each of the tests that we accept:

Test Overall Reading Listening Speaking Writing
IELTS Academic (in centre and Online) 6.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
TOEFL iBT (at test centre and Home/online) 75 18 17 20 17
TOEFL Essentials* 85 18 17 20 17
PTE Level B2 (in centre and Home/online) 58 51 51 51 51
Duolingo (online) 120 95 95 95 95

*all test components taken within 3 years of start date

Other requirements
Personal Statement

Work Experience
You’ll also normally be expected to have at least two years work experience after graduation, where you can demonstrate that you have management experience and need to further develop your leadership skills and business and management expertise.

Our payment plan for the program begins with an initial payment of €2000. This payment represents a portion of the total fee and serves as a deposit to secure your place.

Following this initial payment, the remaining fee is divided into installments:

  • 50% is due before the start of the 1st term,
  • 25% is due before the start of the 2nd semester,
  • The final 25% is due before the start of the 3rd semester.

This structured payment plan ensures flexibility and convenience for our students, allowing them to manage their payments throughout the program.

For international students, the payment plan is structured as follows:

  • An initial payment of 50% of the total Year fees is required upon acceptance to secure enrollment.
  • The remaining 50% of the fees must be paid before the start of the 1st term.
  • Subsequently, 25% of the total fees are due before the start of the 2nd semester, and the final 25% is due before the start of the 3rd semester.

What doors will this open

On successful completion of the course, you will have engaged in a distinctive programme of business education. You will be equipped with in-depth specialist and general theory and understanding of the changing business environment. You will also be able to develop enterprising behaviour through professional and personal development and empower themselves to use a range of tools to communicate and collaborate, understanding and applying digital technologies and developing professional networks.

Finally, you will develop an understanding of the nature of the global forces which shape contemporary organisations – economic, social, ethical, political, ecological, technological, and regulatory. The embedded real-world content and context-based assessment on this course will ensure that you leave with relevant experience, executive level skills, and will have further developed their own professional networks.

Career paths after the course:
– Senior international management roles in all sectors and across industries
– International management consultancy
– Strategic roles in any sector, industry or market

Why GBS?

– Flexible study options – weekdays or evenings

– Industry experienced lecturers with excellent education and professional qualifications

– Simplified learning

– Personal attention to all learners

– Small classes

– Free career development mentoring programme

– Connect with our very successful alumni

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