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Career opportunities in Business Management after studying in Malta

The world of business is always moving, demanding skilled professionals with a clear understanding of global markets, innovative thinking, and a problem-solving mindset. A Business Management degree equips you with these crucial skills, opening doors to many exciting career paths.

Are you an enthusiastic and ambitious international student looking for exciting career opportunities in business management? If so, GBS Malta may be the perfect start to your future.

GBS Malta is a leading higher education institution known for its business and management programmes. We focus on practical skills, industry connections, and a supportive learning environment, providing graduates with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to thrive in today's competitive business world.

GBS Malta offers undergraduate, post graduate and level 4 degrees in business and management, providing an energetic and enriching environment for aspiring business leaders. Malta is strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean. The thriving economic and business-friendly environment make it the ideal starting point for international students to create various business management career opportunities in Malta.

The global demand for business and management professionals

The global business environment is constantly evolving and the industry is in high demand for skilled business professionals. The demand for individuals with strong analytical, strategic and leadership skills is growing rapidly, creating exciting career opportunities worldwide. The demand for skilled business management professionals is expected to explode globally.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, managerial positions are expected to grow by 8 percent, far above the average for all occupations, between 2022 and 2032. This growth is due to the increased complexity and need for skilled leaders who can provide effective management in a dynamic global environment.

  • Global business and management services market: The global business and management services market is expected to reach a staggering $10.2 trillion by 2028, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.5% during the forecast period. This growth is driven by increased demand for outsourcing services, technological advancements, and the adoption of digital transformation strategies.

  • Talent shortage in business: A recent survey by ManpowerGroup found that 69% of employers globally need help filling open positions, with the lack of qualified candidates being a major contributing factor. The skills gap stands out particularly in areas such as business analysis, project management, and digital marketing.

These statistics highlight the increasing need for talented graduates with a solid foundation in business and management.

Want to start your business career?

A World of Career Opportunities Awaits Business Management Graduates in Europe

Europe is a dynamic and thriving economic region, offering a diverse range of career opportunities in business management. From multinational corporations to innovative startups, businesses across Europe are seeking skilled professionals to fuel their growth.

  • European economic growth: The European Union (EU) is expecting steady economic growth over the coming years, driven by factors such as increased levels of investment, technological advancements, and a growing workforce.

    This growth is likely to translate into a strong demand for skilled business professionals across a variety of sectors.

  • Malta's emerging business hub: Malta is emerging as a prominent business hub in the Mediterranean, attracting international investors and companies with its strategic location, pro-business environment, and highly skilled workforce. The country's strong financial services sector, thriving tourism industry, and growing technology sector are creating numerous career opportunities in business management.

    Across Europe, business management   graduates are highly sought-after by employers in various industries.

A report by The European Commission's Directorate-General for Education and Culture highlights the strong demand for business graduates in sectors like:

  •           Finance and Banking
  •           Consulting
  •           Marketing and Sales
  •           Information Technology (IT)
  •            Manufacturing
  •            Retail
  •            Healthcare

Career opportunities in Business management in Malta

Industry-specific examples and salary ranges:

While the above-listed career paths provide a general overview, a Business and Management degree from GBS Malta opens doors to a much wider range of business management career opportunities in Malta. Here are some specific examples across different industries, along with estimated average starting salaries in Malta:

  • Finance: Business Analyst (€25,000 - €35,000), Financial Analyst (€28,000 - €40,000), Risk Management Specialist (€30,000 - €45,000)

  • Marketing and Sales: Marketing Manager (€22,000 - €38,000), Sales Representative (€20,000 - €32,000), Public Relations Specialist (€25,000 - €42,000)

  • Information Technology (IT): IT Project Manager (€30,000 - €45,000), Business Systems Analyst (€28,000 - €40,000), Information Security Analyst (€32,000 - €48,000)

  • Tourism and Hospitality: Hotel Management (€20,000 - €35,000), Event Management (€22,000 - €38,000), Revenue Management (€25,000 - €40,000)

These are just a few examples, and the possibilities are truly endless. Your skills and interests will determine your career path, but a Business and Management degree from GBS Malta equips you with the adaptable foundation to thrive in any industry you choose.

GBS Malta's BA (Hons) Business and Management Course

Our BA (Hons) Business and Management course provides a comprehensive foundation in core business principles, equipping you with the practical skills and knowledge to excel in a global marketplace. The course is designed by industry experts, ensuring its curriculum stays current with the ever-changing needs of the business world.

This programme covers a comprehensive range of modules, including:

Year One:

  •          The Business Environment
  •           Organisation Behaviour and Management
  •           Economics and Globalisation
  •           Managing Data
  •           Design Thinking for Enterprise
  •           Professional Practice

Year Two:

  •           Creativity for Business
  •            Innovation Management
  •           Financial Accounting
  •            Operations and Project Management
  •            International Business
  •            Entrepreneurship

Year Three:

  •           Managing Sustainability
  •           Organisational Strategy
  •           Leadership and Management
  •           Enterprise: Creating your Business
  •           Business and Management Project

Course Outcomes:

  •           Engage in a dynamic business education program that fosters creativity and innovation.
  •           Develop in-depth specialist and general knowledge of the evolving business environment.
  •          Become an adaptable and opportunity-ready professional
  •           Master communication and collaboration skills, including digital technologies.
  •           Gain a deep understanding of the global forces that shape contemporary organisations.

Career opportunities for BA (Hons) Business and Management graduates:

  •           Business Management
  •           Project Management
  •          Account Management
  •          Communication and Marketing
  •           Marketing Consultancy
  •           Executive Assistant
  •           Graduate Business Analysis
  •           Marketing Executive
  •           Sales Management

GBS Malta's MA Business and Management Course

For those seeking to advance their business knowledge and leadership skills, the MA Business and Management programme at GBS Malta provides a challenging and rewarding educational experience. This postgraduate programme allows you to specialise in a specific area of business, further enhancing your employability. 

Course overview:

  •           Engage with the latest business procedures and strategies.
  •           Develop critical managerial, planning, and analytical skills.
  •          Specialise in a specific area relevant to your career goals.
  •           Acquire capabilities in high demand by businesses, governments, and non-profit organisations.
  •           Apply your knowledge immediately to your current or future career.

Course modules :

  •          Marketing Management 
  •          Financial and Management Accounting 
  •          Entrepreneurship 
  •          Sustainability Managing People 
  •          Governance, Ethics and Risk Management 
  •          Digital Marketing 
  •          Research Methods 
  •          Dissertation / Consultancy Project

Our programmes are offered in English language and all module credits are UK.

Career opportunities for MA Business and Management graduates:

As a graduate, you will be equipped to pursue a diverse range of fulfilling careers in various sectors. Here are just a few examples:

  •          Business Management
  •          Project Management       
  •          Account Management
  •          Communication and Marketing
  •          Marketing Consultancy
  •          Executive Assistant
  •          Graduate Business Analysis
  •          Marketing Executive
  •          Sales Management

     Course outcomes:

  • Subject-specific skills and knowledge: Critically analyse the complex forces shaping contemporary organisations and develop strategic solutions.
  • Cognitive and intellectual skills: Apply research techniques, innovate, and combine analytical, evaluation, and synthesis skills.
  • Skills for life and work: Develop autonomous learning, strong teamwork abilities, effective communication skills, and advanced IT skills.

Career opportunities for MA Business and Management graduates:

Graduates of the MA Business and Management programme are well-positioned for senior leadership roles across diverse industries and international settings. Potential business management career opportunities in Malta, include:

  •           Senior Management Roles in All Sectors
  •           Management Training
  •          Management Consultancy
  •          Strategic Roles in Any Context

Invest in Your Future with GBS Malta

A Business Management degree from GBS Malta is a stepping stone to a rewarding career in the dynamic world of business. Our programmes offer a unique blend of academic rigour, practical application, and international exposure, preparing you to become a future business leader.

Take the first step towards your successful future. Contact GBS Malta today to learn more about our Business Management programmes and how we can help you create several career opportunities in business management for your career aspirations.

FAQs about career opportunities in business management

The admission requirements vary depending on the specific programme. Contact GBS Malta team for more information.

You can find detailed application instructions on the GBS Malta website. The application process typically involves submitting an online application form, academic transcripts, and other supporting documents.

GBS Malta offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid programmes for international students. Check the GBS Malta website for current scholarship opportunities.

Graduates of GBS Malta's BA (Hons) Business and Management programme are prepared for a wide range of career opportunities in business management including business, marketing, finance, and others. The programme's practical focus and emphasis on the development of critical skills make graduates highly competitive in the employment market.

Malta offers a vibrant international business environment, strategic location, and high quality of life. GBS Malta provides a supportive and dynamic learning environment that prepares graduates to succeed in the global business world. 

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