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The impact of industry trends on career choices for international students in Malta

Studying abroad is an exciting adventure, but choosing the right career path with ever-changing trends can feel challenging, especially when trying to find your way around a new country like Malta.

Today, we’ll explore the impact of industry trends on career choices for international students. This will help you understand the different trends across industries in Malta and develop the right skills to start the career of your dreams after graduation.

In recent years, Malta has emerged as a promising destination for international students seeking quality education and better career opportunities.

As globalisation continues to reshape industries worldwide, it is important to understand how industry trends impact the career choices of international students studying in Malta.

In this blog, we will explore the various industry trends that might be shaping your career decisions as an international student in Malta and how GBS Malta can help you make the right decision.

Malta's economy has been doing really well in recent years and has attracted businesses and investors from all around the world. Some major industries across the nation like tourism, technology, gaming, education and healthcare are growing rapidly — which means there are many good job opportunities if you have the right skills. Let's take a closer look at the emerging trends in these industries.

  1. Technology and innovation: Malta has emerged as Europe's hub for cutting-edge technologies, leading the charge in tech and innovation. Malta is attracting big technology companies in software-as-a-service (SaaS), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain innovations, creating exciting job opportunities for people with software development, data science, cybersecurity and digital marketing skills. Plus, the government is also working hard to attract and support talented tech entrepreneurs to make Malta an attractive place to work and live.
  2. Tourism and hospitality: Malta is a beautiful island which is home to many opportunities. The sunny beaches and rich history make it a popular destination for tourists. In fact, the hotel market in Malta is expected to generate a revenue of around US$15.03 million by the end of 2024. This means that there will be lots of job opportunities for students with the right skills. Jobs in hospitality, travel, marketing and event management are expected to be in high demand. So, if you're interested in tourism and hospitality, Malta might be a great place for you to start your career!
  3. Gaming: Malta has established a great reputation within the gaming industry. There are more than 300 gaming companies based in Malta, which offer lots of opportunities in areas including game development, esports and iGaming. Over 10,000 people from different countries work in Malta’s gaming industry, thanks to effective and efficient regulation overseen by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Malta also has a great system for taxing iGaming operators and its telecommunications infrastructure provides lots of good opportunities for gaming professionals and developers to build a successful career here. The MGA is also working on new initiatives to keep Malta as a top spot for gaming.
  4. Education: Malta is experiencing growth in international schools and higher educational institutions, which is creating more job opportunities in teaching, administration and educational technology. This means that there are many options for people who are interested in pursuing a career in education. Additionally, Malta is investing more in its education system, with a projected spending of 4.92% of its GDP in 2024. This investment will help improve the quality of education in Malta and give more opportunities to students who want to build a career in education.
  5. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals: Malta has a good healthcare system with excellent facilities and infrastructure that provide extensive coverage. The country is also emerging as a hub for pharmaceutical research and development, attracting major international companies to set up their operations in Malta. By 2024, the revenue in the pharmaceuticals market in Malta is expected to reach US$161.50 million. This means that there are plenty of career opportunities in Malta's healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Explore career choices in Malta

Each industry has its own trends that shape the career choices of international students and Malta is no different. Let’s look at some of them: 

  1. Technology and innovation: Things like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, SaaS, cloud computing, fintech and automation are changing the tech world.  

  2. Tourism and hospitality: Always a popular destination for tourists, Malta’s tourism and hospitality is growing fast and offering multiple career choices for international students. 

  3. Gaming: Virtual reality, esports, and blockchain are driving innovation in Malta. Thanks to its top-notch infrastructure and an effective regulator (the Malta Gaming Authority), people have confidence in the system. 

  4. Education: New schools and higher educational institutions are bringing more options for personalised learning and upskilling. This is attracting international students and professionals from around the globe. 

  5. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals: Excellent healthcare facilities, new data-driven technologies and pharmaceutical research and development are on the rise in the country. This means there are more jobs in healthcare and pharmaceuticals for international students. 

Matching your skills & interests to the jobs available

Now that you understand the many ongoing and upcoming trends across various industries in Malta, it's time to match your current skills and interests to the career opportunities available.

  1. Identify your strengths and passions: What are you good at? What are your qualifications? What roles and industries excite you?
  2. Research different industries: Explore job opportunities, salary expectations, required skills and qualifications needed to work in your chosen field.
  3. Develop relevant skills: Consider pursuing additional courses, internships or certifications to develop the required skills and knowledge.
  4. Explore global opportunities: Look for opportunities that will allow you to work in other countries through internships or exchange programs to gain international exposure.
  5. Network strategically: Attend industry events, connect with professionals and build your professional network.

At GBS Malta, we understand the impact of industry trends on career choices for international students. That's why we offer high-quality academic programmes designed by experts to prepare you for today's competitive job market.

Our nurturing and supportive environment will offer you a chance to develop the knowledge and skills needed to launch your dream career in Malta's dynamic job market. So, don’t wait any longer. Explore our wide range of courses and join GBS Malta today!

Frequently asked questions about the career choices for international students in Malta

In Malta, trends like advancements in technology, growth in tourism and developments in healthcare and pharmaceuticals are influencing the career choices of international students. Based on these trends, you can consider building a career in software development, hospitality management or healthcare services.

As an international student, you can stay updated on industry trends by reading news articles, following industry-specific websites or social media accounts and attending workshops or seminars related to your fields of interest. 

Tourism, technology, gaming, education and healthcare are all experiencing rapid growth, offering various career choices for international students in Malta

Communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, digital literacy and adaptability are highly valued across industries. Apart from these, there are many more specific skills in demand depending on the industry. 

Industry trends show which jobs are growing and in demand. By understanding these trends, you can choose a field with good job opportunities. Once you've found your field, you can work on developing your skills and taking courses that will help you succeed.

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