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All about safety tips for students in Malta

Malta is a beautiful group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is becoming very popular among international students who want to study here and start their careers.

It has a rich history, great culture and friendly locals - perfect for learning and having fun. As more and more students choose Malta, it's really important to make sure you stay safe. 

Malta is a great place for international students because it's easy to get around and has everything you need. You can explore cool historical spots, relax on beautiful beaches and try tasty local food. And the best part?

Malta is really safe, so you can focus on learning and enjoying your time here without worrying. If you are a student coming to Malta for the first time for higher education, this blog will act as a guide to you on safety tips for students.

Keep reading to explore more about how you can maximise your experience as a student in Malta

Safety tips for students in Malta: Guidelines

Before you go to Malta, it's important to know how to look after yourself. Here are some tips for students to understand safety guidelines in a better way: 

  • Stay informed: Make sure you know what's going on by checking reliable sources like government websites or online news portals. Stay updated on any safety alerts or important information you find. 

  • Travel smart: Use transportation services that are trusted. It is always best to go with public buses or licensed taxis. Try not to walk alone in dark or isolated areas and consider using a rideshare app for extra security. 

  • Emergency contacts: Save important numbers in your phone like emergency services, your country's embassy or consulate and university support services. Knowing who to call in an emergency can help you stay calm and get through unexpected situations. 

  • Protect your stuff: Keep your belongings safe by using a bag with zippers and making sure it's secure. Try not to carry a lot of cash and use a money belt or hidden pouch if you want extra security. Keep important things like your passport and laptop in a safe place. 

  • Respect the culture: This is one of the best and important safety tips for students in Malta. Be aware and respectful of the local customs and traditions. Dress modestly when visiting religious sites and be mindful of how people greet each other. Being respectful helps you make good connections and avoid misunderstandings. 

  • Take care of yourself: Stay healthy by eating well, drinking enough water and getting enough rest. Know where the nearest medical facilities and pharmacies are and think about getting travel insurance to cover any unexpected medical costs. Remember to wash your hands and carry hand sanitiser. 

  • Travel with fellow students: Since you are new to Malta, you will have an urge to travel and explore. When talking about safety tips for students while travelling; always choose to explore with a friend or another student. It's safer and more fun to have someone with you. You'll also be less likely to get lost or feel worried in new places. 

Precautionary safety tips for students

It's important to stay safe when you are in a new country. Here are some tips for students to help you feel more confident and secure: 

  • Accommodation safety: When choosing a place to stay, make sure it has good security features, like strong locks and surveillance cameras. Learn more about the emergency exits and evacuation plans, too, in case of fire or another emergency. 

  • Personal safety: When you're out and about, be aware of what's happening around you, especially in busy or touristy areas. Avoid anyone or anything that doesn't feel right and keep in touch with your friends and family, so they know where you are. 

  • Fire safety: Make sure you know where the fire alarms, extinguishers and emergency exits are where you’re staying. If possible, have a fire exit plan around to help yourself and others. Always be careful when using things like candles in your room. 

  • Internet safety: Protect yourself online by using strong and unique passwords. Always enable two-step verification when it's available. Be careful when you share your personal information or photos on social media and don't click on anything that you’re not sure about. Only use secure Wi-Fi networks, especially when you're doing important things online. 

Saftey tips to study in Malta

Self-help: Quick safety tips for students

Keep yourself safe and know some quick, self-help safety tips for students to navigate any situation confidently: 

  • Emergency kit: Be prepared for emergencies by putting together a basic kit with things like a torch, first-aid supplies, a charged secondary phone with emergency contacts, water, snacks and a map. Keep your kit handy in your accommodation or backpack. 

  • Language skills: To communicate better with people in Malta, learn some basic phrases in Maltese, like simple greetings, directions and words you might need in emergencies. Also, spend some time practising English if needed, so you feel more confident talking to others at school or socially elsewhere.

  • Community resources: Take advantage of the help available to international students. Your university and student organisations can give you support and information. Community centres are also there to help you with things like academics, counselling and adjusting to new life as a student in Malta.

  • Safety apps: Download and familiarise yourself with safety apps designed to enhance personal security, such as emergency SOS apps, GPS tracking apps and campus safety apps. These apps often feature panic buttons, location-sharing capabilities and instant alerts to notify authorities or trusted contacts in case of an emergency.

  • Self-defence training: Learning self-defence can be a great way to protect yourself in dangerous situations. Look for classes or workshops designed for students new to Malta. They'll teach you basic techniques and help you feel more confident in unfamiliar places.

  • Awareness of Local Laws: Know the laws, rules and customs of your new home to avoid breaking the law or acting disrespectfully. Always remember to follow traffic rules, pay attention to signs and respect the local culture.

Student Safety at GBS Malta

At GBS Malta, we care about keeping our students safe and happy. Our campus has lots of great features to make sure everyone feels secure. We have modern facilities and security cameras watching around the clock. Our accommodation staff are always there to help you if you need anything. 

We start by giving you all the information you need when you join us so you're well-prepared. And we're here for you all the way, with support services to help you do well in managing your studies and your personal life. We believe in making GBS Malta a place where you can learn, grow and feel safe. 

Frequently asked questions about safety tips for students in Malta

Malta is considered one of the safest countries in Europe, offering a secure environment for students. 

The best tip for students in an emergency is to contact local authorities right away or your embassy for assistance. 

While Malta is generally safe, exercise caution in crowded tourist areas and avoid isolated areas at night. 

Keep your belongings secure, avoid displaying valuables in public and use lockers when available.

Respect local customs, choose your dress wisely and greet others politely and with respect. 

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