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Why study information technology at GBS Malta?

If you are passionate about studying information technology in Malta and want to build a satisfying career in the digital world, GBS Malta offers a fantastic career path! We offer a wide range of courses to prepare you for success. 

Do you want to study information technology course in Malta? 

As a beacon of quality education in the heart of Malta, GBS Malta is committed to developing talent and harnessing the power of innovation. We provide a favourable environment for students who want to study information technology courses.

Our formative learning approach, experienced faculty, and small class sizes with personalised attention guarantee that every student receives the support they need to excel in the IT field. 

Study information technology at GBS Malta

The Award in Information Technology and Study Skills is a one-year programme offered by GBS Malta that open doors to various career path in the field of Information Technology. With this programme, the international students will build a strong foundation to study information technology, including key modules such as The Digital Society, Internet technology, Computer Hardware and Software. 

Course modules

The Award in Information Technology and Study Skills at GBS Malta covers a range of essential modules, including:

The Award in Information Technology and Study Skills at GBS Malta covers a range of essential modules, including:

1. Developing Academic Skills

This module will help you develop learning skills essential for success in your higher education journey. It offers the chance to practice and improve in the following areas:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Records and summaries
  • Effective writing skills
  • Research ability
  • Present information effectively
  • Academic integrity

2. The Digital Society

It is hard to imagine our life without technology. This module makes you learn  how the digital revolution is bringing a change in the world, with:

  • The impact of technology on social interaction
  • Understanding digital literacy
  • Navigating the digital economy and government
  • The importance of responsible use of technology

3. Communication and Digital Literacy Skills

Learn the art of communicating clearly and confidently in the digital world through this module and:

  • Discover several types of communication
  • Explore different communication styles
  • Develop technology to adapt communication to a wide range of audiences
  • Acquire outstanding digital skills in professional and academic environments

4. Internet Technology and the WWW

Want to understand the heart of the Internet and the World Wide Web? This module gives you a solid grounding in:

  • The history and development of the internet
  • How the internet functions
  • The tools and applications of the Internet
  • How the internet is changing and shaping our world
  • Gaining essential web development skills

5. Effective Study and Career Planning

This module helps you find your footing and prepare for a bright future:

  • Reflect on your strengths
  • Improve study skills for greater academic success
  • Develop strong career goals and create a career plan

6. Introduction to Computer Hardware and Software

Are you ready to explore the internal operation of your favourite device:

  • Learn the advantages of computers, from hardware components to software systems
  • Understand how software is built
  • Explore a variety of operating systems
  • Learn how to build and customise computer systems

These modules are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of Information Technology and pursue further studies or enter the workforce with confidence.

Want to study IT in Malta?

IT Career opportunities in Malta

With the rapid development of technology, career opportunities in the field of information technology are abundant. Here are some of the stats to help you understand the growth market in the IT sector at Europe:

  • Between 2012 and 2022, the number of ICT experts in the EU increased by 57.8 per cent, almost seven times that of the growth in total employment (8.8%). In 2022, 81.1% of men in the EU were employed as ICT specialists, compared to 18.9% of women. 
  • The information technology sector in Europe has undergone significant career development in recent years. According to industry reports, Europe's demand for information technology professionals is increasing, driving wage increases and creating new jobs. The European IT sector has the highest career development statistics. 
  • The European software development industry is expected to grow at a combined annual growth rate of 9.8% from 2020 to 2027, creating new jobs for software developers. 
  • As the number of cyber threats increases, Europe's demand for cybersecurity professionals is also increasing. The market is expected to grow at 14.7 CAGR

After the completion of Award in Information Technology and Study Skills programme, students can possess the skills and confidence to embark on a wide range of career paths at GBS Malta, including software development, cybersecurity, data analysis and more. Our close links with industry partners and personalised career development guidance programmes ensure that students are prepared to seize opportunities in Malta's thriving technology industry. 

Benefits of studying information technology at GBS Malta

Highly experienced and qualified lecturers 

Benefit from guidance from professionals who are leaders in their fields. 

Immersive learning 

We make learning easy to understand and immersive, allowing you to master concepts and build skills effectively. 

Personalised attention 

Get specialised insight and support from a teacher who really cares about your progress and well-being. 

Connect with our student community 

Take advantage of the rich experience and peer-based guidance at GBS Malta. 

Why choose GBS Malta to study information technology?

We are your partner in information technology education. 

At GBS Malta, we pride ourselves on offering more than just education. With our Qualified Scheme programme, qualified students can enjoy considerable financial benefits, covering 70 percent of tuition costs after the completion of graduation. This makes higher education more accessible and reliable. 

Apply now and take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow with GBS Malta

We offer a supportive community where students can grow academically and personally. With experienced instructors in small classes and free career development tutorials, we try to ensure that each student has the tools they need to succeed. With GBS Malta, your IT journey begins with perfection and ends with success.  

Join us at GBS Malta and take the next step towards a promising information technology career. 

Frequently asked questions information technology course in Malta

Yes, absolutely! This course starts at a foundation level, which is ideal for people new to information technology. You will get an excellent introduction to the basic concepts before moving on to more advanced skills.

Potential students must have at least an appropriate MQF/EQF2 level or equivalent qualification. You will also need an appropriate level of English. 

Yes, GBS Malta provides access to the Malta Get Qualified Scheme, which provides tax incentives that help reduce the overall cost of learning after the completion of course.

Potential students can apply online through the GBS Malta website or contact the Admission Team for support.

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