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Internship opportunities for international students in Malta

In the heart of the Mediterranean lies Malta, an academic haven increasingly attractive to international students. The charm of Malta extends beyond its history and captivating landscapes and the island has emerged as a hub of academic excellence and increasing career opportunities.

Over the years, Malta, with its flourishing economy and multiple job opportunities and internships, has witnessed a steady rise in international students choosing it as their educational base.

Choosing Malta for higher education goes beyond acquiring a degree. It is a move that sets the stage for a remarkable professional journey. The advantages of studying in a country at the crossroads of Europe, like Malta, are manifold. You will gain exposure to diverse industries and establish connections that endure far beyond the classroom. Let’s explore the Maltese educational landscape, where every academic milestone marks new possibilities for students. This blog dives into the scope of internship opportunities for international students in Malta, the significance of internships in shaping careers and how to secure one.

Internship opportunities for students in Malta: Understanding the basics

To embark on this journey, it's vital to understand the fundamentals first. Internships in Malta require you to thoroughly research the basic eligibility criteria. Most opportunities are open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, but companies may have specific prerequisites, varying across industries.

Internship opportunities for students, like you, are the cornerstones of professional development. They provide a unique path for you to apply classroom learning to real-world scenarios and give you a better understanding of your chosen field. In Malta, where industries are dynamically evolving, new student internship opportunities are the gateway to success in the job market.

Beyond the obvious benefits, internship opportunities for students lay the groundwork for building a robust professional network. They provide you with a strategic understanding of industry dynamics and increase your attractiveness to employers. In the vibrant educational landscape of Malta, an internship is really your passport to professional excellence.

Significance of post -degree internships

When you finish your degree course in Malta, you are well placed to find meaningful opportunities for yourself and the best place to start is with an internship. Internships are crucial for transforming your academic knowledge into practical expertise. More than just a hands-on project, an internship becomes a strategic investment for your professional future. In Malta, securing student internship opportunities can be demanding in any competitive job market.

However, every challenge presents an opportunity for growth. Consider reshaping your current CV to conform to the demands of your chosen industry or leverage networking events to gain better insights.

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Benefits of internship opportunities for students in Malta

Internships in Malta offer a range of benefits that extend beyond the limitations of a classroom. These experiences serve as a bridge between academic learning and working in the real world. Here are some benefits that make internship opportunities for students in Malta an indispensable part of your student journey:

  • Hands-on learning: Internships provide a hands-on learning experience. This allows you to apply theoretical knowledge to practical, industry-specific scenarios. This exposure is invaluable to understanding how things work in real-world work structures.

  • Skill enhancement: Internship opportunities for students act as skill incubators. You develop new skills and improve your current skills. Be it technical competency or soft skills like communication, teamwork and problem-solving, you can make practical improvements while interning.

  • Industry insight: Through internships, you’ll begin to understand the industry's dynamics, trends and challenges. This perspective is vital for making informed career decisions and adapting to an evolving professional space.

  • Networking opportunities: Building a professional network is great for your career success. Internship opportunities for students provide an unmissable chance to connect with industry professionals, mentors and peers. This creates a robust network that opens doors to future success.

  • Increased employability: Completing internships in Malta significantly enhances your employability. Employers often prefer candidates with relevant work experience and internships provide the right training needed for a competitive edge in the job market.

  • Professional development: Internships foster professional growth by exposing students to Malta's professional etiquette, workplace culture and industry standards. This first-hand experience contributes to your overall development as a professional.

  • Career exploration: Internship opportunities for students serve as a testing ground for career choices. You can explore different facets of the industry and make informed decisions before committing to a specific role or specialisation.

Potential job offers; Successful internship opportunities for students often land paid job offers. Employers in Malta are more likely to hire interns who have already demonstrated their capabilities and fit seamlessly into the organisational culture during the internship period. Finally, internship opportunities for students are transformative experiences. The skills, lessons learned and networks established during internships pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career journey.

Internship opportunities for students: Where to find them in Malta?

Navigating the wide range of internship opportunities for students in Malta can be challenging. You need to research your options carefully and strategically, using some or all the platforms below:

  1. Company websites: You can directly explore the websites of companies in Malta to explore exclusive internship opportunities.  Most organisations post openings on their career pages, providing a direct avenue for students to connect with potential employers.

  2. Networking events: Malta hosts many industry-specific networking events and career fairs. Attending these will expand your professional network, open up potential student internship opportunities and help you build relationships with industry professionals.

  3. Professional associations: Joining professional associations relevant to your field of study is a strategic move. These associations can share internship opportunities and provide a platform for you to connect with professionals in their industry.

  4. Social media platforms: Social media is a powerful tool for job seekers. Following companies on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook yields real-time updates on internship opportunities for students. Engaging with industry-related content puts you on the radar of potential employers.

  5. Faculty recommendations: Professors and academic advisors are valuable resources. They can recommend suitable internship opportunities for students using their industry connections. It is also useful to build a rapport with faculty members for access to personal guidance and their valuable insights.

To succeed in the hunt, proactive engagement ensures you uncover the best internship opportunities for students like you.

What to note while looking for internship opportunities for students

While pursuing internship opportunities, you must make the most of the experience. The dynamic nature of the job market demands a carefully thought-out approach. Here are some do's and don'ts to help you find your preferred internship in Malta:

Find your preferred internship
Dos Don'ts
Research extensively Apply indiscriminately
Polish your CV Neglect professionalism
Leverage university resources Overcommit
Network actively Underestimate soft skills
Seek feedback Overlook company culture

By adhering to these tips, you can avoid pitfalls and increase your chances of securing meaningful and enriching opportunities.

GBS Malta: Accommodating students and careers

GBS is a higher education provider that offers various courses in the UK, Malta and Dubai. We are working in partnership with several leading higher education providers to provide practical bachelor's and master's degrees in Malta. Our degrees range from bachelor's and master's in business and management, information technology and business management and study skills.

Our USPs:

  • British qualification for academic success
  • Bath Spa University accreditation
  • Approved by the MFHEA board
  • Malta Get Qualified Scheme
  • Post-study work visa lasting for nine months

Accommodation at GBS Malta:

1. Campus Hub Residence: Our student accommodation is close to the university campus. We want all students to feel safe and happy in our Campus Hub. The place has a nice calm atmosphere, modern rooms, a gym, interesting shops and affordable cafes and restaurants. It's like a home away from home for students. There's a direct bus to the college from our residence. Our facilities include:

  • 24-hr reception
  • Food and essential retail outlets
  • Shared kitchens
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Pool and gym
  • Student study and lounge areas
  • Washer dryer
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Wi-Fi
  • Towels
  • Hairdryer

Room Details

Room type Facilities Low season price (€/week) High season price (€/week)
Single room Private bathroom €285 €320
Twin room Private bathroom €205 €240

2. Shared apartments

GBS Malta also offers shared apartments near the campus, so you can catch the morning sun as you head to school. You can also easily discover the popular places nearby and enjoy the sea and everything St. Julian's offers. With lots of shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, lovely bays and beaches, life in Malta brings something new every day.

Accommodation Details

Accommodation type Low season High season
Shared apartment €175/week €195/week
Single room in shared apartment (shared bathroom) €300/week €320/week

Since 2010, we've supported many students in transforming their lives. Join our friendly and welcoming educational community. Start your journey to changing your life by enrolling on one of our exciting courses now!

Frequently Asked Questions about internship opportunities for international students in Malta

Generally, international students, both undergraduates and postgraduates, can apply for internships in Malta. Check specific requirements with employers.

Internships in Malta provide hands-on experience, enhancing skills and boosting employability for a successful career ahead.

Explore university career services, online portals and industry events in Malta to discover internships matching your academic background.

Internships are not always mandatory in Malta but highly encouraged to gain practical experience and boost employability.

Yes, successful internships can lead to permanent employment in Malta. They help you build connections, showcase skills and open doors for future opportunities.

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