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Welcome to the GBS Malta blog page! As a top-notch higher education provider in the fields of business, marketing, and management in Malta, we take pride in supporting our students to achieve their career goals. Our blog page is an excellent source of information for students who want to explore career opportunities, higher education in Malta, and international student life. We also share the latest trends and developments in the business industry. We hope that you enjoy reading our blog!

The evolving landscape of digital marketing in Malta

Stay updated on the latest developments in digital marketing in Malta. Adapt your strategies to thrive in this ever-changing environment. Read the blog & unlock insights.

How to build a strong professional network as a student in Malta?

Learn how to build a strong professional network to succeed in your field of interest. Discover various resources and tools to develop meaningful connections with other professionals. 

Outdoor activities for Easter celebrations in Malta

Make your Easter unforgettable with outdoor adventures in Malta! Explore historic sites, enjoy beachside picnics and join festive processions. Make unforgettable memories.

Part-Time job opportunities for students in Malta

If as an international student, part-time work opportunities are a concern that must be in your mind! There are multiple part-time opportunities that you can opt for during your tenure as a student in Malta.  

Financial management tips to seek successful careers in Malta

Discover essential financial management tips for international students seeking to pursue careers in Malta. Learn to manage money wisely for a successful future abroad.

Guide for international students to cope homesickness in Malta

Explore strategies to overcome homesickness in Malta. Read the guide for students & learn how to grow academically & socially in a new environment at GBS Malta.

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